Editorial Note


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you once again to this special edition of God’s Sceptre magazine. It’s been an invigorating and exciting process pulling it together we are thankful to God for so much love, grace and strength poured on us all.

Many thanks to the editorial committee who continue to work tirelessly and all who have contributed in various forms to the huge success of this super packed, inspiring, educating and edifying edition.

Several people spend their live developing sinful habits, behaviours and thinking patterns which do not align with the serene purpose God intended for them. The burden for this present state of deteriorated standards, is really heavy on us. Especially because several questionable teachings are sprouting forth and the youths are a major target.

In line with this, we are considering an intriguing lead anchored from

I Timothy 4:7-8:

Train yourself to be godly.

In Paul’s admonishment to Timothy, he emphasized the need to “train”. Various versions of the Bible use the verb interchangeably with “exercise or discipline”. Training requires effort, discipline and determination to correct, mold or perfect the character of God in us.

As athletes train to excel at a sport, so also, spiritual training helps us excel in godliness and the grace of God is available to help!

It is our prayer that this edition brings the needed transformation in your life.

Other great and inspiring articles in this edition to accompany the lead article are the fatal substitute, a generation without God, managing the stages of life, grow your platform, Vox pop and a host of others.

All these were carefully curated to meet the purpose for which God’s Sceptre Magazine was birthed; “to provide timely, relevant and Bible based information that will mold and equip Christians to live a complete and balanced life wherever they find themselves.”

With all of the joy in our hearts, we wish you a refreshing read. Enjoy and be transformed!

Tanimu Hassan (Editor-In-Chief)

Email: tanimuhas@gmail.com