8th Edition

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Quietly, bit by bit, and by Gods grace, this magazine has gradually evolved into a literally piece reaching out and transforming the lives of several young adults from far and near, fulfilling its vision of providing timely, relevant and Bible-based information that help youths to live a balanced Christian life.
With much gladness our my hearts, we warmly welcome you to this special love edition of Gods Sceptre magazine tagged To love and to cherish as comprehensively captured in the cover story. We perceive that matters pertaining to love, courtship, marriage etc… have generated deep concerns that need to be properly clarified especially in the Christian context.
1Cor. 13:3-7 gives us deep descriptions about love and it is our prayer that as you read through the other articles in this magazine, the language of love will be appropriately spoken by teenagers, youths and the married. Also that the original intent of Love would be well established and cherished in our heart forever. Amen!

Enjoy the read and bless someone with a copy…


1 review for 8th Edition

  1. Ohaegbuchu Christian

    Nice Book

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